NW Broward Auto Tag & Title Service
Specializing in Title Transfers, License Plate Registration, Out of State Title & Registration Transfers, boat, RV, Mobile Homes, Trailers, Handicap Placards, and Motorcycles.
Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM to 5PM

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  1. Out of State Title Transfer
    Out of State Transfer
    Just moved here? We can help. Required documents: Title to your vehicle Florida Insurance ID Driver License. Bill of sale if purchased in last 6 months.
  2. Tag Renewals
    Tag Renewals
    We can renew your tag for your vehicle. To renew please bring in your vehicle registration or your FLDL, and your current proof of insurance. Tags can be renewed 1 year or 2 years.
  3. Title Transfers
    Title Transfers
    Purchased a car? We can transfer the title. Please bring in the title signed by the seller along with your ID. Bill of sale is not necessary but preferable.
  4. Title & Plates Transfer
    Title & Plates Transfer
    We can transfer titles & plates at the same time. Please bring in the title sign by the seller, plate or registration, and Florida insurance ID for the new car. Also your ID.
  5. Title
    Title Trans New Plate
    Required for title transfer & NEW plates: Title signed by seller Florida insurance ID for car listed on title. Driver License
  6. Lease or Financed?
    Lease or Financed?
    Leased or financed? Company name, address, account number, phone #, Fax # for the title department, tax ID# or DMV account #. Florida insurance ID. Bill of sale if
  7. Handicap Placards
    Handicap Placards
    Need handicap placards or wheelchair plates? We can help you make the process easy. All we need is the application signed by the doctor and the applicants ID or DL.
  8. Mobile Homes
    Mobile Homes
    Need to get a title or renew your decal for your home? No problem. We just need your ID or registration or title.
  9. Other Vehicles
    Other Vehicles
    We can register, renew, transfer motorcycles, boats, travel trailers, utility trailers, and mobile homes.
vehicle was purchased in the past 6 months. Vehicle registration from other state.